Our Core Values

Principles that guide us in everything we do

Ubuntu/ Unhu

Vision Statement

A clean, safe and healthy environment for an empowered society and a sustainable growing economy by 2030.

Mission Statement

To regulate, monitor and promote sustainable management of natural resources and protection of the environment with stakeholder participation.

Our Services

Soil Testing
Licensing of substances movement
Monitoring of Environment
Environmental Inspection
Licensing of Waste Management Effluents
Lab Tests for Pollution (air quality, etc)
Water Testing Services
Environmental Reporting

EMA's Functions Include

(a) to formulate quality standards on air, water, soil, noise, vibration, radiation and waste management;
(b) to assist and participate in any matter pertaining to the management of the environment; and in
(i) to develop guidelines for the preparation of the National Plan, environmental management plans
and local environmental action plans;
(ii) to regulate and monitor the collection, disposal, treatment and recycling of waste;
(iii) to regulate and monitor the discharge or emission of any pollutant or hazardous substance into
the environment;
(iv) to keep records in the form of registers of all licences, and permits issued under this Act;
(v) to regulate and monitor the control of invasive alien species;
(vi) to regulate, monitor, review, and approve environmental impact assessments;
(vii) to regulate and monitor the management and utilisation of ecologically fragile ecosystems;
(viii) to make model by-laws to establish measures for the management of the environment within the
jurisdiction of the local authorities;
(ix) to develop and implement incentives for the protection of the environment;
(x) to recommend to the Government the conventions which the country may join, and incorporate
their provisions into national law;
(xi) to co-ordinate the production of a report on the state of the environment every five years for the
purpose of paragraph (c) of subsection (1) of section five;
(xii) to undertake any works deemed necessary or desirable for the protection or management of the
environmental where it appears to be in the public interest or where in its opinion an appropriate
authority has neglected to do so;
(xiii) to serve written orders on any persons requiring them to undertake or adopt such measures as are
specified in the orders to protect the environment;
(xiv) to carry out periodic environmental audits of any projects including projects whose
implementation started before the fixed date for the purpose of ensuring that their
implementation complies with the requirements of this Act;
(xv) to regulate and monitor access by any person to the biological and genetic resources of
(xvi) to recommend to the Minister the formulation of any regulations pertaining to the provisions of
this Act
(xvii) to carry out any other duties and functions as directed by the Minister.

Environment Management Board

Amb. Z W Nsimbi
Board Chairperson
Mr. C Chitindi
Board Vice Chair
Prof. E Gandiwa
Board Member
Mr. T K Hove
Board Member
Dr. S Sibanda
Board Member
Mrs. A DhIamini
Board Member
Mrs. T Chimanikire
Board Member
Mrs. B Madamombe
Board Member