Community Based Organisations (CBOs) and Waste Management

Poor waste management remains a challenge facing most local authorities in Zimbabwe. Most cities, towns and growth points are characterised by litter and illegal solid waste dumps on street corners. The magnitude of the problem calls for an integrated approach where everyone joins hands and takes corrective action to reverse this unpleasant situation.

Drivers to the waste management challenge

Rapid urbanisation leading to high population densities, sprouting illegal settlements, expansion of residential and industrial areas as well as changing consumption patterns have led to a dramatic increase in urban solid waste generation. Increased packaging of consumer goods has not only increased the quantities of waste but also the varieties of waste generated, further complicating the problem for urban local authorities.



Veld fires have emerged to be one of the greatest environmental challenges in Zimbabwe.  Over the years, an average of a million hectares is burnt each year, resulting in loss of pasture, forestry resources, plantations, livestock, property and sadly human lives. In the past five years 72 lives were lost and property worth millions of dollars was destroyed.

We are now in the 2015 fire season that starts on the 31st of July and ends on the 31st of October each year.  To date, several veld fire incidences have been recorded and several hectares have already been burnt destroying pastures, forestry resources and plantations. 


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About EMA

The Environmental Management Agency is a statutory body responsible for ensuring the sustainable management of natural resources and protection of the environment, the prevention of pollution and environmental degradation, the preparation of Environmental Plans for the management and protection of the environment. It was established under the Environmental Management Act [Chapter 20:27] and operationalised on the 17th of March 2003 through SI 103 of 2003.

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    A clean, safe and healthy environment, promoting a growing economy and empowered society.

    To regulate, monitor and promote sustainable management of natural resources and protection of the environment with stakeholder participation.

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