Clean-up Programs

Monthly Clean-up campaigns 

We, at the environment management authority EMA, have launched several cleanup campaigns to clean up Zimbabwe. You too can be a part of these campaigns and contribute a lot to the development of the nation. Cleanup campaigns remain one of the most powerful strategies to bring people together for a greater cause. It’s such a significant campaign that we are doing it not only to clean up solid waste generated by human activities including used or empty plastic containers, cans, bottles, paper, glass packaging, and other debris but also to bring the general public and organizations together while raising environmental management awareness. 

Presidential Declaration 

On the 5th of December 2018, President Emmerson Mnangagwa declared the first Friday of each new month as a national clean-up day. The National Clean-Up Day exercise which is in the spirit of creating a clean, safe, and healthy environment states that it is the duty of every individual across the country to clean their surrounding areas be it places of work, education, religion, recreational and residential premises to manage waste management in the country. It shall be undertaken from 0800hrs -1000hrs on the first Friday of each calendar month and every stakeholder is expected to play a pivotal and exemplary role in this commitment