Our Land

EMA’ S Tips & Solutions 


We aim to archive Land Degradation Neutrality For Our Nation Zimbabwe. And this requires three actions


  • firstly, avoiding new degradation of land by maintaining existing healthy land;

  • secondly, reducing existing degradation by adopting sustainable land management practices that can slow degradation while increasing biodiversity, soil health, and food production; and

  • thirdly, ramping up efforts to restore and return degraded lands to a natural or more productive state.

EMA’s LDN objectives in compliance with the United Nations Include


  • maintaining or improving the sustainable delivery of ecosystem services

  • maintaining or improving land productivity to enhance global food security

  • Increasing the resilience of land and the populations dependent on it

  • seeking synergies with other social, economic, and environmental objectives

  • reinforcing and promoting responsible and inclusive land governance

How Can The General Public Help Conserve Our Land?

It takes a village to ensure our environment is protected. If you want to be a part of this great initiative, these are some of the things you can practice and pass on to the next generation.

  • Practice massive reforestation and afforestation programs.

  • Report any offenders or illegal sand and clay abstraction activities to EMA, ZRP, and Local Authority ( local councilor included) and chief in rural areas 

  • Engage in local rehabilitation activities of land 

  • Participate in awareness programs 

  • Approach EMA for legal sand abstraction information.

  • Practice conservation farming techniques 

Conservation Farming Techniques Include 


  • Zero tillage 

  • Pfumvudza 

  • Agroforestry 

  • Minimum and reduced tillage 

  • Green manure cropping 

  • Alley cropping 

  • Contour Farming 

  • Organic Farming 

  • Crop and pasture Rotation