EMA’s Response To Water Pollution In Zimbabwe 

The first step to tackling any problem is by putting it in the open through awareness. EMA has several publications and events put in place to help the general public not to be a part of the statistics of victims of contaminated water. Simple techniques like boiling water before drinking are emphasized to reduce the negative effects of contaminated water in Zimbabwe. 

Your Actions Matter 

You can contribute to the goal of providing clean water to all Zimbabweans by becoming intentional about your actions toward water bodies in Zimbabwe

Here Is How

  • Reduce your plastic consumption and reuse or recycle plastic when you can.

  • Properly dispose of chemical cleaners, oils, and nonbiodegradable items to keep them from going down the drain.

  • Be mindful of anything you pour into sewers

  • Maintain your car so it doesn’t leak oil, antifreeze, or coolant.

  • Avoid Flushing old medications